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For quite a few years now we have ventured out on Christmas morning to places that remain open.  These places include gas stations, convenience stores, hotels, and Walgreens.  We usually take muffins, cider, and a GLOW tract pack.

This year we changed it up a bit.  We live in a small town with a small hospital so we decided to take our song and our treats to the hospital.  This year we used small gift bags and filled them with store bought treats just in case anyone would be leary of homemade things.

We filled 24 bags. 

The responses!!  They were great!!  People loved getting a gift at work on Christmas morning.  They loved the song.  And we LOVED doing it! 

24 was the perfect number of bags! WE gave these last two away as we were walking back down the hallway toward the lobby.

This is the best Christmas tradition ever!


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